Cupcake Decorating on Royal Caribbean Cruises

Cruising on Royal Caribbean is a great experience with many experiences available.  On our recent cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, we decided to try the Cupcake Decorating Class that is offered on the Oasis of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Allure of the Seas and Liberty of the Seas.Cupcake Class

The class is available to all ages and cost $22 per person.  It is offered several times during the cruise and you can sign up before your cruise or once you have arrived on the ship.  The class takes place in the Cupcake and Ice Cream Shop on the ship called Cupcake Cupboard.Cupcake Cupboard
















On the day that had scheduled our class, we arrived at the Cupcake Cupboard a few minutes to our scheduled time.  There was a table setup with a work station for each class member.  We had all the items that were going to be necessary for us to decorate our cupcake.
Decorating Supplies














Once everyone had arrived and signed in our instructor met us to tell us that we were going to be decorating our cupcakes today with frogs.

He then walked us through step by step how to cut and shape each fondant piece so we could build our frog.

We started out cutting our large green piece into several pieces and shaping them into a disc, tubes and two small balls.  We also shaped our purple piece into a disc and scored it to make the perfect lily pad.
















Pieces ready to go















Then we began assembling our frog using water to adhere the pieces together.

Start of Frog










Once we had is body, legs and feet on the lily pad, we shaped the white, black and red pieces to make eyes and a tongue.











All the pieces were assembled and we were given two cupcakes, a chocolate one and a vanilla one.  There was frosting on the table with a drop of blue food coloring added and we mixed the frosting to make it blue like the water.  Then we chose a cupcake and frosted it making wave patterns with the spatula.

Finally in a move of crowning glory, we placed our frog on the lily pad on top of our cupcake and our masterpieces were complete!

Decorated Cupcakes











The class ran about 30 minutes and it is limited to 10 people per session.  Multiple sessions are available while at sea so be sure to stop in and schedule a class for yourself.

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